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About Me
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About Me

long hair anime girl

Yo soy Hugo but i go by kt

Full Stack Developer

I'm a young 19yo Full-Stack developer based in Porto, Portugal. I used to study IT stuff for fun but wanna take it further. I am very passionate about improving my skills & developing solutions for anything of use. I build WebApps and Websites using MERN Stack. Working for myself to improve my skills. Love to build useful stuff in a weird way (sometimes. lol).

emails :;;

place : Porto, Portugal

age: 20(2004)


  • Portuguese C2
  • English C1
  • Spanish B1

Skills & Abilities

My Education

Learning from new experiences.

cronk with a blunt

Learning from life *and courses :P*

Standalone Studies |

2022-Now | Pursuing

anime girl

Colégio A Colina Do Sol | Angola

Multipurpose School | Lol

2009-2021 | Completed

Projects Made

Portfolio Website

Personal portfolio website. Don't need much info about it, just scroll down.!

Mail Server

Made using RoundCube, Postfix and Laravel. Uses for relay hosting.

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Self Employed

Full Stack Developer

April 2023 - present

AloneinKyoto Studios

Mobile Application Developer | selfemployed xd

March 2022 - October 2022

Bazei Plásticos e Embalagens Ltda

VMware vSphere associate | Internship

February 2022 - May 2022


IT Department | Internship

June 2021 - February 2022

Então, Basicamente o SEO Analyzer do Site..

Disse que a minha página precisa de mais boiler text para ter um rank melhor

(250 words btw), so just ignore this shi

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